Hot water system element installation & replacement in Coffs Harbour


Swimming pool with hot water  — Hot water system element installation in Coffs Harbour
While your hot water system might be a large and complex piece of machinery, the system element is a small, but integral part of it. At Steve Arthur Electrical, our electricians are experts on this essential component. We provide a fast and effective replacement and installation service for all types of water heater elements. Our mobile team services all areas of Coffs Harbour as well as the surrounding towns.

So, what exactly is a water heater element? This electrical component consists of an inner wire enclosed in either copper or stainless steel. As electrical current flows through the wire, it generates an incredible amount of heat, which is then absorbed by the water. These come in varying wattages, depending on the heating requirements of the hot water system.

Since the element is constantly heating and cooling rapidly, it can crack or break over time, reducing its effectiveness. If your hot water has shut off completely, or cuts out intermittently, we recommend calling an expert to inspect the system and have our team replace the element for you.

Please contact our team today to discuss your hot water system requirements.